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MCYM Borivali’s “Hungama 2024” Summer Camp: A Message of Joy and Development for the Less Privileged Children


The Syro Malankara Catholic Church in Borivali recently celebrated the success of its annual “Hungama 2024” summer camp, an event that transcended mere entertainment to embody the ethos and mission of the Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM). This year’s summer camp, hosted at the St. Thomas Malankara Catholic School run by the church for children from nearby areas, was not just a day of fun but a significant step towards holistic community development.

The event was meticulously organized by the youth leaders of MCYM Borivali, who took time out from their college and official duties to plan and execute a series of enriching activities designed to nurture both joy and growth among the children. The dedication of these young volunteers highlights the commitment of the Syro Malankara Catholic Church to the integral development of youth and the liberation of society through evangelical action.

The camp featured a range of activities, from sports and games to educational sessions, each crafted to stimulate both the physical and intellectual growth of the children. A special yoga session conducted by Jesal Joy was a highlight, focusing on physical wellbeing and mental relaxation, crucial for children living in often stressful environments.

Moreover, the involvement of MCYM units from Vasai, Malad, and Vikhroli exemplified a remarkable spirit of collaboration and teamwork, reinforcing the social aspect of the MCYM’s mission. These volunteers contributed significantly to the camp’s success, proving that collective efforts can lead to substantial positive impacts within the community.

Mrs. Jiji, Sonu and Jeas Jose were notably instrumental in managing the day’s logistics and ensuring that the children had a safe and enjoyable experience. Their invaluable assistance was crucial in handling the dynamics of a large group of energetic children, making the camp not only fun but also orderly.

This initiative aligns perfectly with the broader objectives outlined in the by-laws of the MCYM, which emphasize spiritual growth, intellectual enhancement, social responsibility, cultural appreciation, and active political participation. “Hungama 2024” served as a practical implementation of these principles, offering the children an opportunity to experience a life beyond the limitations of their daily socio-economic challenges.

The camp not only provided the children a platform to explore their talents and interests but also instilled in them values such as teamwork, respect, and the importance of community. These lessons, imparted through fun and interactive means, are essential for nurturing responsible and well-rounded individuals who are capable of contributing positively to society.

Fr. Thomas Attumalil, the priest in charge of St. Thomas School, and Sr. Hrudya Olichirackal, played pivotal roles in encouraging both the youth to conduct “Hungama 2024” and the children of the school to participate in the event. Their support was instrumental in the seamless execution and overwhelming success of the camp.

Special shoutouts are due to Neha Philip & Cyril John, the Coordinators of Hungama 2024 and over 25+ youth who played pivotal roles in ensuring the success of the event. The efforts of MCYM animators Jerin Thankappan and Nisha Jeas, were indispensable in fostering a supportive environment, encouraging, planning, and assisting the youth throughout the event. Additionally, Fr. Aji Thannimoottil, who originally initiated the Summer Camp during his tenure and graced this year’s event, deserves recognition for his foundational contributions and ongoing support.

As the Syro Malankara Catholic Church in Borivali looks forward to organizing more such events, the success of “Hungama 2024” stands as a testament to the power of youth-led initiatives in making a difference in the lives of community members. It is a reminder that with compassion, commitment, and community effort, significant strides can be made towards the upliftment of society’s most vulnerable members.

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