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Horab 3.O: Chat with Aboon


Seethathode: During the Horab 3.O camp organized by the MCYM Seethathode priestly district, His Excellency Samuel Mar Irenios, Metropolitan of Pathanamthitta, engaged with the youth in a session titled “Chat with Aboon.” The Metropolitan addressed spiritual concerns related to the Catholic Church, issues concerning the Pathanamthitta diocese, political thoughts, and job opportunities for the youth. He provided guidance in a fatherly manner, emphasizing that youth are not just the voice of tomorrow but the voice of today.

Key Highlights:

  • Spiritual Guidance: Addressing doubts related to the Catholic Church and the diocese.
  • Political Awareness: Discussing political thoughts and their impact.
  • Employment Opportunities: Highlighting job opportunities for the youth.
  • Youth Engagement: Encouraging youth to be active voices in society.

The event underscored the commitment of the MCYM Seethathode clerical district committee to fostering a deeper connection between the Church and its young members.

His Excellency Samuel Mar Irenios

His Excellency Samuel Mar Irenios is known for his approachability and dedication to the youth. He ensures spending time with young members of the Church, promoting their spiritual and personal development, especially within the Pathanamthitta Diocese. His efforts include regular interactions, guiding them on various aspects of life, and being a source of inspiration and support.

Importance of Awareness for Youth

Being aware of spiritual, political, employment, and engagement opportunities is critical for the youth. Such awareness helps them stay connected to the Church, understand their role in society, and make informed decisions about their future. His Excellency emphasized that a well-rounded understanding of these areas equips youth to be effective leaders and contributors to their communities.

MCYM: A Driving Force for the Youth

The Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM) serves as a vital platform for the youth to engage in spiritual, social, and community activities. MCYM plays a crucial role in uniting young members, fostering their spiritual growth, and encouraging active participation in Church and societal matters. Through initiatives like Horab 3.O, MCYM continues to inspire and guide the youth towards a path of faith, service, and leadership.

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