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HENOSIS 2024: A Confluence of Leadership and Vision in Muvattupuzha Diocese


Muvattupuzha: The serene expanse of Muvattupuzha bore witness to an extraordinary assembly of minds and hearts as the Diocesan Committee orchestrated the much-anticipated gathering, HENOSIS 2024. This assembly, meticulously planned for the diocesan and regional leaders of the Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM), unfolded as a vibrant testament to unity, joy, and shared visions.

Inaugural Blessings and Enlightening Sessions

The event was graced by the spiritual leadership of Very Rev. Fr. Saji Arakkal, the Vicar of the Kunnamkulam region, who inaugurated HENOSIS 24, setting a tone of camaraderie and anticipation. The sessions embarked on a journey through the realms of the MCYM constitution and its activities, expertly navigated by the former MCYM Diocesan Director Rev. Fr. Gino Attumalil, shedding light on the structural and spiritual foundation upon which the MCYM stands.

A Tribute to Dedication

The highlight of HENOSIS 2024 was the heartfelt tribute paid to Kunnamkulam Regional Director Roychan, the principal sponsor of the event, celebrating his Silver Jubilee in the priesthood. The diocesan committee, in a gesture of profound appreciation, honored his dedication and service, encapsulating the spirit of ecclesiastical commitment and youth empowerment that HENOSIS seeks to promote.

Diverse Participation and Collective Gratitude

The gathering witnessed enthusiastic participation from five regions, with 35 leaders and members engaging in this confluence of ideas and spirituality. The event resonated with the collective effort of the youth and the guidance of esteemed figures such as MCYM’s former director and the manager of Vimalagiri Public School, Kurian Karuvankadath Achhan, and Fr. Anoop, who celebrated the Holy Eucharist, symbolizing the core of Christian faith and the youth’s vibrant spirit.

A Venue of Warmth and Vision

The Kunnamkulam Regional Administration Committee, under the adept leadership of President Sebin and Secretary Anjana, transformed HENOSIS 2024 into a memorable confluence of faith, vision, and camaraderie. The gathering not only celebrated the Christian doctrine and the mission of human liberation but also pledged to continue this journey with unwavering faith and dedication.

A Promise of Perseverance

As HENOSIS 2024 concluded, the hearts of the participants were filled with a renewed sense of purpose and unity. The gathering was not just an event but a beacon of hope for the youth of the Muvattupuzha Diocese, promising a future where the Christian ethos and the zeal for humanity’s emancipation shine brightly.

MCYM: A Legacy of Faith and Action

The success of HENOSIS 2024 is a testament to the vibrant spirit of the MCYM and its dedication to fostering Christian values and social emancipation. As the gathering adjourned, the message was clear: MCYM stands as a formidable force for good, with a heart devoted to Christ’s teachings and human liberation. Here’s to many more years of impactful gatherings and transformative action. Jai MCYM!

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