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New Suvisesha Sangam Batch Launched in Mavelikara Eparchy


In a move towards enhancing theological education and spiritual development, the Mavelikara Eparchy has inaugurated a new Suvisesha Sangam Batch. The classes, held at the Malankara Catholic Church in Kattanam, officially began its activities today, under the able guidance of Fr. Daniel Thekkedath. This initiative aims to consolidate and empower the faithful across the Kattanam, Mavelikara, and Kadambanad regions.

Inauguration and Leadership

The inauguration ceremony was led by the Vicar General of the Mavelikara Eparchy, Fr. Dr. Stephan Kulathumkarott, who emphasized the importance of deepening faith and understanding through structured study and reflection. Special guidance was received from His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Antony Mar Silvanos, Bishop of the Major Archiepiscopal Curia and Chairman of the Synodal Commission for Evangelization. Rev. Dr. Sr. Mary Prasad DM (Secretary, Evangelization Apostolate) also played a pivotal role, bringing her extensive experience in religious education to enrich the sessions.The event was marked by the presence and support of various clergy members from the eparchy, highlighting the collective endorsement of this educational endeavour.

Fr. Daniel Thekkedath, known for his commitment to faith education, has been appointed to spearhead the activities at the center. Joining him in this mission are Fr. Benedict Moozhikkara OIC (Executive Secretary, Evangelization Apostolate) and Sr. Seena DM from the Daughters of Mary, who will also play pivotal roles in facilitating various classes and sessions planned for the community.

Objective and Vision

The new batch is a community groomed to build a deeper understanding of the Gospel and to equip the faithful with the knowledge and tools necessary for personal spiritual growth and effective evangelism. The educational programs are designed to cater to a diverse group of participants, ensuring that all attendees can find something relevant to their spiritual needs.

Community Impact

These classes are a testament to the Mavelikara Eparchy’s commitment to enhancing theological education and spiritual development among its faithful, ensuring that the community not only grows in faith but is also prepared to meet the challenges of contemporary Christian living with informed conviction and proactive zeal.

The Mavelikara Eparchy’s initiative is a commendable step towards nurturing a theologically informed and spiritually lively community, poised to face the challenges of the modern world while staying firmly rooted in the teachings of the Church.

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