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New Advisory Committee Members Elected for KCYM’s 2024 Activities


In a noteworthy development aimed at fostering unity and cross-rite collaboration within the Catholic community of Kerala, the Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (KCYM) has proudly announced the inclusion of two prominent figures from the Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM) in its State Advisory Committee for the year 2024.

The Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (KCYM) is a vibrant youth organization that operates under the Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Council (KCBC), encompassing the three Catholic rites. It focuses on the spiritual, intellectual, and social development of the Catholic youth in the state. KCYM’s mission aligns with fostering a dynamic youth community grounded in Catholic teachings and engaged in the social, cultural, and spiritual betterment of society.

This year, the committee will be enriched by the expertise of Mr. V.C. Georgekutty, current Ecclesiastical District Animator from Muvattupuzha, and Mr. Renny Raj Thevarthottathil, former State President from the Pathanamthitta Ecclesiastical District. Their selection not only signifies the bridging of gaps between different ecclesiastical traditions within the larger Kerala Catholic community but also highlights the mutual respect and cooperation that exist among the leaders of these vibrant youth movements.

V.C. Georgekutty and Renny Raj Thevarthottathil are celebrated for their leadership and devout commitment to the values of the Malankara Syrian Catholic Church. Their roles in MCYM have been marked by significant contributions to the spiritual and social upliftment of the youth within their districts.

Their appointment to the KCYM State Advisory Committee is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the initiatives undertaken by the movement. By integrating leaders who hold a deep understanding of the Malankara tradition, KCYM aims to enhance its programs across Kerala, promoting inclusivity and shared faith initiatives.

The Malankara Syrian Catholic Church extends its heartiest congratulations to both leaders on their new roles and expresses earnest anticipation of the positive outcomes their participation is poised to bring. This collaboration is a testament to the KCYM’s commitment to embracing diversity within unity, serving the Catholic youth of Kerala with a renewed spirit and collective strength.

The entire community looks forward to the innovative approaches and inclusive projects that will emerge from this enriched advisory committee, hoping to set a precedent for future collaboration across different Catholic rites in Kerala.

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