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Nava Jyothy Bethany Vidyapeeth: A New Horizon in Education Unveiled in Titwala


The serene town of Titwala, strategically positioned between the bustling cities of Mumbai and Pune, witnessed a historic moment with the grand inauguration of Nava Jyothy Bethany Vidyapeeth. This landmark event, presided over by Aboon Mathews Mar Pachomios, marks a significant milestone for the Syro Malankara Catholic Church’s educational and missionary endeavours.

The day’s proceedings began with the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony by Aboon Mathews Mar Pachomios, followed by the lighting of the lamp. This act, symbolic of enlightenment and knowledge, set the tone for the celebration. It was a gathering that not only highlighted the unity and strength of the Church but also showcased the collective spirit of priests, nuns, and dignitaries, coming together to bless and inaugurate the school.

Rev. Fr George Ayyaneth OIC, providing an insightful introduction, traced the genesis of Nava Jyothy Bethany Vidyapeeth back to a decision by the Synaxis, emphasizing the need for the Church to extend its mission beyond urban confines into more pastoral and mission-centric areas. Titwala was chosen for its tranquil environment, ideally suited for both contemplation and learning, symbolizing a bridge between the urban and the rural, the modern and the traditional. He acknowledged the pivotal roles played by Rev. Fr. Manoj, Fr. Bijili, Fr. Panicker, Fr. Praful, Fr. Cyril, and Fr. Renju in the school’s inception and development, overcoming challenges posed by the pandemic and financial constraints to turn this dream into reality.

In his heartfelt address, Bishop Mathews Mar Pachomios reflected on the journey of the Bethany Ashram from its historical roots in Mundanmala to the present. He highlighted the strategic location of Titwala as a nurturing ground for spiritual growth and community building, much like Mundanmala Ashram has been for the Malankara Church. He expressed gratitude towards the laity for their support, especially during the land procurement phase, and praised Fr. William for his contributions.

The absence of Cardinal Baselios Mar Cleemis, who had intended to grace the event but was advised rest due to health concerns, was deeply felt. Nevertheless, his blessings and good wishes were conveyed, adding a spiritual dimension to the occasion. Special thanks were also extended to Fr. Job, who, despite being miles away in Italy, had played a crucial role in the school’s early days.

The inauguration ceremony transitioned into a celebration of culture and talent, with students of Nava Jyothy Bethany Vidyapeeth presenting skits, dances, and plays, brilliantly showcasing the creative and artistic prowess nurtured within the school’s walls. Child hosts Geeta Rama Suryavanshi and Inam Syed poignantly reminded the audience that every great achievement begins with a dream, a sentiment echoed through the day’s performances and speeches.

The event was graced by the presence of several distinguished dignitaries, reflecting the wide support for this noble venture. Among them were Bishop Mathews Mor Pachomios OIC, Bishop of Khadki Pune as the Chief Guest; Fr. Geevarghese Kuttiyil OIC, Superior General; Fr. George Ayyaneth OIC, Provincial Superior of Nava Jyothi Province, Bethany Ashram; Smt. Priyanka Sidhharth, Kendra Pramukh; Rev. Fr. Varghese, Councillor in charge of Bethany Navajyoti Province; Rev. Fr. Satyan OIC, superior of the Mumbai Pune Surat Region; Shri. Satish Chaudhary, PTA Representative; Shri. Naresh Aatmaram Chaudhary, Sarpanch, Rundhe Gram Panchayat; Smt. Renuka Ganesh Chaudhary, Upa-Sarpanch, Rundhe Gram Panchayat; Shri Ajit John, Pastoral Council Member of Mumbai Region; Fr. Geevarghese Panicker OIC, Manager, Nava Jyoti Bethany Vidyapeeth; Fr. Mathew Praful OIC, Principal, Nava Jyoti Bethany Vidyapeeth; Mr. Bhushan Jadhav, Director of Kalyan APMC; and Chief Guest, Mr. Kisan Shankar Kathore, MLA of Ambernath, Thane, highlighting the collaborative spirit and community involvement in the establishment of Nava Jyothy Bethany Vidyapeeth.

Distinguished guests, including Bishop Mathews Mar Pachomios, Fr. Geevarghese Kuttiyil OIC, and various civic leaders, illuminated the gathering with their insights and reaffirmed their commitment to the school’s vision. Notably, Smt. Priyanka Siddharth’s accolades for Fr. Praful underscored the profound impact of individual dedication on community development. Her words not only celebrated the achievements of Fr. Praful, but also called for his sustained engagement and nurturing of the educational venture in the years to come.

As Nava Jyothy Bethany Vidyapeeth embarks on this educational journey, it stands as an institution of hope and a testament to the power of faith, vision, and relentless effort. It promises to be a sanctuary of learning and spiritual growth, preparing future generations to face the world with knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. This inauguration is not just a celebration of a new beginning but a reaffirmation of the Syro Malankara Catholic Church’s enduring commitment to education, community service, and the spread of faith.

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