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Empowering Young Families: Core Team Training at Bathery Diocese


In an initiative aimed at strengthening the fabric of family life within the community, the Bathery Diocese recently hosted a significant training session for its Core Team of young families. Held at the Prathyasha MDM Pastoral Center, this event underscored the crucial role of young family units in fostering a vibrant and spiritually enriched community.

Event Inauguration by Bishop Joseph Mar Thomas

The session was officially inaugurated by His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas, Metropolitan bishop of the Bathery Diocese. His opening remarks highlighted the importance of young families in the mission and ministry of the Church, setting a tone of anticipation and responsibility for the day’s discussions.

Focused Training and Discussions

The training featured insightful sessions led by revered clergymen, Rev. Fr. Joseph Valliyatt and Rev. Fr. Thomas Madukkamoottil, who delved into the practicalities and significance of young family ministry. Their presentations addressed the pivotal role these families play within the Church, emphasizing the need for active involvement and spiritual leadership from these core units.

Contributions from Diocesan Leaders

Further enriching the event, Rev. Fr. James Maleparambil, Director for Young Families, along with Sister Kiran SIC, the diocesan animator, and Mr. Jifi Anippally, the diocesan secretary, shared their perspectives. Their discussions spanned various aspects of pastoral care, reinforcing the idea that young families are not merely recipients but also providers of the Church’s pastoral mission.

Libin George and Josna Jojo, both active members of the diocesan community, also spoke at the event, contributing their views on the challenges and opportunities faced by young families today. Their inputs particularly focused on how these families can better integrate into the broader church activities while maintaining a strong familial foundation.

Participation from Various Church Representatives

The training session was well-attended by diocesan directors, animators, and secretaries from various regions, illustrating the collective effort of the Church to bolster the spiritual and communal life of young families. The presence of numerous church representatives, actively engaged in service across different diocesan sectors, demonstrated a unified commitment to nurturing the foundational units of the Church—its families.


The core team training at Bathery Diocese represents a crucial step in acknowledging and empowering young families as essential pillars of the Church. Through these targeted training sessions, the Syro Malankara Catholic Church not only aims to reinforce the spiritual vitality of its congregations but also ensures that these young families are well-prepared to take on their roles as leaders and exemplars in their communities. This event not only served as a platform for education and discussion but also as a reaffirmation of the Church’s dedication to its foundational values and its future.

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