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Syro-Malankara Catholic Church Announces the Inaugural All Canada Family Conference


Calgary, Alberta – The Syro-Malankara Catholic Church in Canada is poised to host its inaugural All Canada Syro-Malankara Family Conference on the 29th and 30th of June 2024. Themed “Possibilities and Challenges of Syro-Malankara Families Living in Canada,” the conference is set to take place in the scenic city of Calgary, at 3314 49 St SW, bringing together the community from across the nation.

This landmark event will offer a platform for panel discussions and workshops focusing on the spiritual, moral, ecclesiastical, educational, professional, economic, and social aspects that influence the lives of Syro-Malankara families in the diaspora. The conference seeks to address the integral needs of the community, fostering unity, faith formation, and addressing the pertinent challenges faced by families.

The conference is of particular relevance, given the Church’s significant presence in Canada for over 35 years. With communities established in cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto, the event represents a pivotal moment for the Syro-Malankara Catholics in fostering a cohesive and vibrant ecclesial life.

Registrations for the conference are now open, and participants are encouraged to secure their spots promptly to be part of this momentous occasion. The event promises to be not just a gathering, but a catalyst for ecclesial and familial renewal, deepening the faith and bonds among the Syro-Malankara Catholics in Canada.

The Church has also arranged for hotel accommodations at the Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre, where attendees can enjoy a special discount. For the convenience of the participants, a rental car discount has been organized with Avis, ensuring comfortable and affordable transportation options for those attending.

Furthermore, to enrich the experience, a full-day tour arrangement is available, featuring the breathtaking sights of Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and Banff. This excursion offers an opportunity for families to explore the natural splendour of Canada’s landscapes.

The registration process is simple and can be completed online, with details available on the Church’s website. The organizers encourage early registration to ensure a seamless experience. The conference is open to all, with a modest fee for adults and a reduced rate for children, making it accessible for families.

As the date approaches, the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church looks forward to welcoming its members to Calgary for a time of fellowship, reflection, and celebration that promises to strengthen the bonds of community and faith.

For more information, including details on registration, accommodations, and the tour, please contact Fr. Ajeesh and Fr. Daiju at the numbers provided in the conference announcement.

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