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MCYM Global Meet 2024 Concludes Successfully in Bathery


Bathery, January 28, 2024 – The Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM) successfully concluded its Global Meet 2024 on January 28, leaving a lasting impression on the youth of the Syro Malankara Catholic Church. Held in the picturesque region of Sreyas, Bathery, the event was a vibrant blend of spiritual enrichment, cultural celebration, and leadership development.

The two-day event, which commenced with a Holy Mass led by the Chief Vicar General of the Bathery Diocese, Rev. Sebastian Keeppallil Corepiscopa, set a reflective and reverential tone. The mass saw participation from various diocesan directors, highlighting the collective spirit of the church.

A significant moment was marked as C. Shalina Mathew DM, the Animator of the Bathery Diocese, hoisted the MCYM flag, symbolizing the unity and soaring aspirations of the youth within the church. The diocesan secretary, Mr. Jobin Puthoor, led the oath-taking ceremony, reinforcing the commitment of the youth leaders to their faith and community service.

Another pivotal moment of the meet was the release of “Exodus,” a booklet containing the annual report of the 2022-23 diocesan committee. This significant document was unveiled by the Youth Commission Chairman, His Excellency Mathews Mar Polycarpos Episcopa, presented to the diocesan officials, symbolizing the culmination of a year’s dedicated efforts and the path forward for the youth in the church.

During the event, MCYM Diocese Directors had the opportunity to meet with His Excellency Most. Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Polycarpos. This interaction provided a platform for the exchange of ideas and discussions on the future direction of youth involvement in the church. His Excellency’s presence and insights offered inspiration and guidance, reinforcing the role of youth in the church’s mission.

The Global Meet 2024 served as a platform for young leaders from across the 12 dioceses of the Malankara Catholic Church to engage in meaningful dialogues, share insights, and foster a sense of camaraderie. The event’s location in Wayanad, known for its verdant landscapes and rich cultural history, added to the allure, providing a serene backdrop for the proceedings.

Over the course of the meet, attendees participated in a range of activities, including workshops, discussions, and cultural programs. These sessions were aimed at enhancing leadership skills, deepening spiritual understanding, and strengthening the bonds within the church’s youth community.

The event concluded with a sense of achievement and optimism. The MCYM Global Meet 2024 not only provided a platform for youth to engage with their heritage and faith but also equipped them with the tools to be effective leaders in their communities. The success of the meet promises a bright future for the church, with its youth poised to lead with faith, wisdom, and dedication.

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