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Mar Ivanios Remembered with Holy Mass in Italy


In a quaint town near the Vatican, the Syro Malankara Catholic Church’s faithful came together for a Holy Mass, expressing their deep gratitude following the declaration of Archbishop Mar Ivanios as Venerable by the Holy See. This event, held in a local parish church within whispering distance of the Catholic Church’s spiritual epicentre, was not just a religious observance but a bridge connecting the traditions of the East with the heart of Western Christianity.

Presided over by Fr. Benedict Kurian, the celebration saw the participation of a unique congregation, comprising priests and nuns who are in Italy for their advanced studies in theology and other religious disciplines. This academic pursuit at the global centre of Catholic theology underscores the Church’s commitment to deepening its understanding of faith and enhancing its spiritual teachings. It also highlights the dedication of the Syro Malankara Catholic Church to fostering leaders who are well-versed in religious scholarship and capable of guiding their flock with enlightened wisdom.

The assembly of clergy, religious, and laity in such a significant celebration mirrored the unity and shared devotion of the Syro Malankara Catholics, showcasing their collective pride and spiritual joy in the elevation of Mar Ivanios. The ceremony, enriched by the spiritual and intellectual journeys of its participants, culminated in the sharing of a Nercha feast, symbolising communal harmony and the sharing of blessings.

This event, held so close to the heart of Catholicism, served as a vivid reminder of the global nature of faith and the shared heritage of Christians around the world. It was a moment of pride for the Syro Malankara Catholic Church, illuminating its revered traditions and the profound impact of its leaders like Mar Ivanios, whose life and virtues continue to inspire across continents.

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