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Bethany Navajeevan Province Announces New Provincial Council


The Bethany Navajeevan Province has announced the election of Rev. Fr. Cyril Anand Moroth OIC as the new Provincial Superior. Fr. Cyril, born on March 9, 1973, and ordained on November 28, 2002, succeeds Very Rev. Dr. Mathew Thiruvalil OIC.

Previous Roles and Contributions

Fr. Cyril has served as the 1st Councillor of Navajeevan Province and as the Secretary cum Treasurer of Bethany Navajeevan College of Physiotherapy. Additionally, he has been the Bible Commission Secretary for the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC).

New Provincial Council

Alongside Fr. Cyril’s appointment, the new Provincial Council members include:

  • Fr. Christopher OIC: 1st Councillor
  • Fr. Thomas George OIC: 2nd Councillor
  • Fr. Thomas Reji OIC: 3rd Councillor
  • Fr. Titus John OIC: 4th Councillor
  • Fr. Sajan Thomas OIC: Procurator
  • Fr. George Thomas OIC: Secretary

About Bethany Ashram and the Order of the Imitation of Christ (OIC)

Bethany Ashram, founded by Fr. P.T. Geevarghese Panickaruveettiil OIC (later Archbishop Mar Ivanios) on August 15, 1919, integrates the monastic ideals of the Christian East with Indian Sannyasam. Known for its austere lifestyle, intense prayer, and apostolic activities, Bethany Ashram became the cradle of the historic Reunion Movement with the Catholic Church in 1930. In 1966, the congregation achieved Pontifical status, and in 2000, it was divided into two provinces: Bethany Navajeevan and Bethany Navajyothy.

Bethany Navajeevan Province

  • Members: 153
  • Priests: 77
  • Ashrams: 21
  • Dayaras: 2
    • Bethany Ashram, Nalanchira
    • Bethany Nagar, Nalanchira
  • Zoor Dayaras: 11
  • Mission Mandirams: 8
  • Apostolate Centers: 30
  • Boardings/Hostels: 4
  • Colleges: 4
  • Charity Initiatives: 6
  • Old Age Homes: 2
  • Boys Homes: 3
  • Media Centers: 2

Looking Ahead

Fr. Cyril’s leadership is expected to further the mission of Bethany Navajeevan Province, continuing its legacy of spiritual growth and community service. The province, with its extensive network of ashrams, educational institutions, and charitable activities, plays a crucial role in the spiritual and social upliftment of the community.

The Bethany Navajeevan Province extends its heartfelt congratulations to Rev. Fr. Cyril Anand Moroth OIC and looks forward to a future filled with continued dedication and service under his guidance.

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